The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Walkthrough Explore Hyrule like a pro

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I simply love revisiting the old video games I never got the chance to play. I used to read a lot of gaming magazines back in the day and drool over the incredible games that came out. Now that I can easily purchase any new game, the old ones have taken a back seat.

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A Crystal Switch puzzle room hides a vast number of traps that you’ll wish to avoid. The treasure chest in the center contains aSmall Key that you’ll need to open the door to the south. If you get hit with the “Bunny Beam”, simply wait for the effects to wear off before proceeding. When you arrive, you will be treated to a repeat battle with the three Lanmolas, the boss from the Desert Palace. This one should go much more quickly since your sword is more powerful, and they have the same defense and health as when you first encountered them.

  • Is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64.
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  • The success of the Game Boy was not due to luck but to the formation that would emerge at that moment.
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As you discover more items and power-ups, his ability to traverse the lands of Hyrule increases. A Link to the Past seemed like a perfect fit for Game Boy Advance, which was home to numerous SNES ports. A first for the franchise, Four Swords offered multiplayer Zelda action with the use of a Link Cable. Four Links had to work in tandem to solve puzzles, and fans the world over discovered just how much fun it could be tossing one another into bottomless chasms! For those with an extra friend to access Four Swords, it was a fantastic update to an already superb title. The third and final Castlevania game on the GBA managed to fix all the issues with the prior two games to create one of the best titles in the entire franchise.

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Even though Nintendo sells its console at an MSRP, the free emulators available online are permitted to be downloaded by Nintendo. If you are looking for the vintage GBA feel, the No$GBA is a great emulator that can run a wide range of games. However, if you want a more color-corrected version of the GBA, be sure to check out the other entries on this list. In attempts to make this emulator look realistic, the default colors of the display have been set to appear a tad bit duller.