Why Sonic the Hedgehog is ‘incorrect’ game design Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 feels like a night and day improvement over the original game. Undoubtedly the best 3D Sonic game since, well, the next game on this list, Sonic Generations found incredible success by going straight to the past. As the name implies, Sonic Generations features classic and modern Sonic teaming together to run through some of the most iconic levels in the franchise’s history.

  • There isn’t much to play beyond the Genesis games, but if you have the discs backed up, Reicast and Dolphin can play Dreamcast and GameCube/Wii games, respectively.
  • Sega then took to its social media pages to confirm that, yes, we were looking at official art for the game.
  • But when Sega put Sonic 2 as a pack-in for the Genesis, they had a winner.

They became horrible because Sonic Team decided they should involve more than running really fast through loops and shit. Trying to shoehorn Sonic into other formats was a terrible idea. I actually really liked the Rush games , as well as the Advance games. Also everybody hates new characters that don’t add anything interesting. The Wii games have over simplified an already simple concept while also making him look slow. Sonic Adventure 1 was the awful game that marked the end of the series.

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Interestingly, Ryan Drummond almost returned to the role during that time, but Sega wanted the actor to leave his union, so he passed. He reached out again in 2021 when Smith briefly left the role, but Smith ultimately returned to voice Sonic later that year. Fans can still hear his voice in the fan audio drama Sonic and Tails R, but this change ultimately caused division in the fandom that exists to this day. The games were successful, and that marketing only made them more so. Soon, Sonic was on everything — TV, McDonald’s Happy Meals, shirts, and shoes.

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I mean, it would be better if Elise were a hedgehog, but I do. And I also liked the stories of Sonic Unleashed and Shadow The Hedgehog. But perhaps I’m biased… However, I don’t see how I could hate something that emotionally moves me to the point where I cry. God bless those modders, they do all that work just for the love of the game.

Of course, he also became the first video game character to debut, infamously, as a massive balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Coming up next we’ll try and help you organize and classify each and every one of the games so you can have an easier time deciding what to play first. It’s worth it to enjoy one of gaming’s biggest franchises, after all. Those Metascores you find aren’t for the Dreamcast release, but for ports based on Sonic Adventure DX .